Shark Navigator Reviews

I wasn't searching for a new vacuum cleaner when I first saw Shark Navigator reviews in television. I simply decided I must have it. I actually owned an old vacuum and it was OK. However I had not purchased anything from some time and I thought it might be wise to own a second vacuum, in case my old broke.

My thoughts

Shark vacuum was really simple to put together. After it arrived I was curious how it compares with my old vacuum. One of the biggest advantages of this vacuum is without doubt suction power. Suction power is impressive especially because it's a really light vacuum. Comparing to my old vacuum this one a lot more powerful. Manufacturer says that this product uses a "No Loss of Suction" technology that makes it perform so great.

shark navigator vacuum reviewThe very first thing that I enjoyed was it's small weight. It was distinctly lighter than my old vacuum. It’s moreover exceptionally silent. It is possible to have a conversation with somebody when you are working with it. It's so quiet you can even talk through cell phone when using it. If someone in your family has allergies there is one thing that may interest you. This vacuum is using Anti-Allergen technology and no dust allergens can escape from the Shark.

I was really surprised with the performance of Shark Navigator vacuum. It worked a lot better than my old vacuum.


Very high suction power
Excellent vacuum for pet owners
Significantly quieter than most vacuums
Affordable price


Power cord is only 25 inches long (you can use an extension cord)
Tips over easily (if you move away too far from it when using hose)


After 6 months of use I'm truly satisfied. The suction is excellent, and it didn't decreased over time. I would recommend this vacuum because it has a very good quality-price ratio. If you are thinking about purchasing this vacuum I recommend to visit the official website to get the best price and the newest model.