Magic Mesh reviews


Hi I'm Michael. Welcome to my Magic Mesh review. Are you wondering how does magic mesh work? I have used this product on my doors and I want to tell you what I think about Magic Mesh.

I was looking for a door cover. I needed something that can instantly open and close when someone goes in or out. I like fresh air in my home, but I hate bugs (especially mosquitoes). That's why bug prevention was also important.

One night I saw the Magic Mesh commercial and I started to consider it. I really liked the way it works. Normally I don't buy things advertised on tv because not everything you watch on television really works so great as advertised. Before ordering I decided to do some online research. Most reviews were positive so I ordered Magic Mesh.

How it works

magic mesh reviewMagic mesh is made up of two parts and they are held together with 18 magnets. Magnets can be easily pull apart when you go through the door and they close by themselves immediately behind you.

The product is easy to install. Just stick the Velcro tabs above chosen doors and then simply affix the top of Magic Mesh to them.

It's great for kids. Now you don't have to constantly remind them to close the door. Magic Mesh closes instantly by itself, quietly and really gently. If your hands are full when you carry plates, glasses, etc. now there is no problem with opening the door. Magic Mesh doesn't require manual opening, you can just walk through it.


Easy to install. No tools, screws or nails
Quick to remove, can be folded for storing
Insects aren't able to enter. You're safe from flies, wasps, and mosquitoes (even the tiniest)
Fresh air gets in
Opens and closes immediately without the use of hands
Perfect for single doors, sliding doors, RV's and campers
Great for pets


Velcro tabs used to install the product could lose stickiness after a few years, but it's not a big problem because they are inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store
Mesh quality is not the best, but it can do the job


I installed magic mesh 3 months ago. It was quick and easy to install. After installation I was worried that it could fall apart, but Magic Mesh is really sturdy and I have no problems with it. When you pass through the mesh it opens with no effort and closes quickly without noise.

Where to buy

Before buying I've done a lot of research and I found this deal. I recommend to visit their official website. They have a special offer where you can get 2 for the price of 1.