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Hi. My name is Michael. I want to describe my experience with Flex Seal. You came to this article so you probably are looking for more info about this sealant. When I saw the Flex Seal advertisement on TV, I asked myself does it really work? It's an essential question because not all products advertised on TV are bad. Some work great. That's why, before ordering I searched for reviews on the web. After reading many articles, I decided to give it a try.

How does it work

It's a spray that contains liquid rubber. If the area you want to repair has a crack or leakage, simply just apply flex seal on it. The sealant will seep into damaged area and create a water-resistant bendable layer.

Don't buy before you read this

I had a problem with my roof... I woke up to a strange dripping noise. Water was leaking from ceiling. It was surprising because my roof is only 6 years old. I knew the repair company would charge a lot of money for an uncomplicated fix.

I ordered the Flex Seal. Yes, I was a bit skeptical that this might be a waste of money. But it was a lot more affordable than roof repair company. I decided to give flex seal a try.

Soon it was delivered. I climbed onto the roof, and wondered does flex seal work? I sprayed the leaky area with Flex Seal. It took me a few minutes to seal the annoying leak. The next day I checked how it looks. The surface was dry and smooth. To test it I poured a few buckets of water on the repaired area. The flex seal spray worked, there was no leak!

Since the first success with flex seal I used it to repair some other things. I fixed a garden hose, an old metal bucket and a window that was leaking cold air. When the flex seal is dry you can paint it if you want. I didn't paint my roof because it's black and flex seal was invisible. But I had to paint windows because they were white. After applying the paint they looked perfectly.

flex seal review

How to use

It's easy. Shake the can well, and simply spray the Flex Seal on a leak, crack, or small hole from the distance of around 14 inches. To get better results it's recommended to apply several layers of flex seal for better effects, and also shake the can occasionally as well. The can should be kept at temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. IMPORTANT (according to nearly all flex seal liquid rubber reviews on the internet): After usage, invert the can and apply a quick burst to clear the spray nozzle.

Most people reading flex seal reviews want to know the pros and the cons.


Effective sealant that will last for many many years.
Easy to use (just spray on a leak or crack)
High and low temperature resistant
The sealant is waterproof
Can be used on aluminum, steel, pottery, glass, plastic and many other surfaces.
Once the flex seal layer is completely dried you can paint it
Flex Seal can will protect an area of around eight square feet (depending on how thick the layer is)


Larger cracks or holes may need several Flex Seal layers
After each usage, you must invert the can and apply a quick burst to clear the spray nozzle.

Where to buy Flex Seal?

It's not available in shops, but it can be bought on the official site. At present, they have a "buy one get one for free" offer. This special offer may expire soon so better don't hesitate too long.

buy one get one for free

Update, 3 Months later

Still no leaks, it works really well. Bedroom is dry, windows aren't leaking cold air, old bucket and garden hose are still leak free. I checked how the flex seal surface looks after 3 months. And I observed no signs of damage or wear in the areas where it was used.

How it works

I found this short video on youtube. Check it out to see how flex seal works


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Written by: Tim 
I recently bought the flex seal spray. I applied it on a few small roof leaks. It worked perfectly :) Remember before using read the directions and apply multiple layers.


Written by: evan79 
it works great for gutter leaks. This product works as advertised. It's not fantastic, but it will do.


Written by: Mark Cooper 
Bought this product after seeing the commercial. Honestly it really exceeded my expectations. Ordered it many times because it works. I tried some other sealants in the past and they didn't work so well. I would advise it to anyone who has problems with leaks.


Written by: richard 
Flex Seal does work as advertised. It really seeps into cracks and holes. I used itt as instructed and the leaks are sealed. I can honestly recommend it


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